Your Child's First Dental Visit

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A Castle Hill dental star having his first dental visit

 When to come for your first dental visit

A good time for a first dental visit is as soon as the child has a few teeth. This is usually around 2 years old but can be earlier like our little friend seen in the photo.

A child’s first visit is not always about the teeth. At Sara Couch and associates we like to build relationships with our little patients. Visits are made fun and something to look forward too.

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Friendly Dentist Castle Hill Dentist First Dental Visit Castle Hill Family Dentist
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How to avoid dental anxiety for you child’s first dental visit

Dental anxiety is real and so many parents pass it down to their children.

We are born with only two fears – loud noises and of falling – all other fears in life are learned. Including the fear of dental treatment!

Children are not naturally afraid of dental visits – they are only ever nervous if they have been ‘pre-frightened’ by parents or peers.

Dental treatment can be uncomfortable. It is important to build a relationship with a child before we need to complete treatment. In other words, we have FUN, teach tips and fix bad habits before they cause problems. Just like our Castle Hill Dentist helpers

How to improve feeding and speech development

A Hills dentist such as Sara Couch and associates is a great place to visit if a child has or had trouble breastfeeding. Tongue ties and lip ties should be checked and released if necessary, as soon as possible.

At Sara Couch and Associates we believe that when the muscles have trouble working like they should they need help and we might have a solution.

Tongue and Lip Ties can make it hard to properly swallow food, move your mouth, breastfeed and can change the way the face grows during an important developmental time.

Ways to avoid holes in children

It may be hard to believe but even very young children can get holes in their teeth. Children often get holes due to feeding habits or passed down from the parents to their children. The types of bacteria or bugs in a parents and child’s mouth are very important. At Sara Couch and Associates we can help assess habits and suggest simple interventions.

Our patients in Castle Hill find it useful to:

  • Use gauze to wipe a baby’s erupting teeth.
  • When more teeth come through introduce a chewable toothbrush.
  • Avoid feeding in bed or allowing the child to fall asleep whilst still feeding, particularly with milk.
  • Have parents visit us and make sure their mouths are healthy.

Holes in your child’s baby teeth can be an early sign of greater health problems and should not be treated lightly. Baby teeth are replaced eventually but they are best to be thought of as a trial run, with similar problems in baby teeth often found in adult teeth later in life.

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Habits that change Jaw/Teeth Position

Patients prefer to avoid expensive braces for their children. Children that have a family history of crooked teeth or show signs of badly positioned teeth, it is important to let us teach good habits early.

Habits can be a very strong driver of facial growth. Extended dummy use, finger sucking, an overactive swallow or even chronic nasal allergies, change the way the face and jaws grow. It is very important to let us have a look and change habits as early as possible, giving your child the best chance to be healthy with a beautiful straight smile.