7 Top Tips for a beautiful smile


At Sara Couch and Associates your Castle Hill dentist we want to help you preserve your beautiful smile. Here are our Top Tips

 Preserve your beautiful smile … don’t rush your brushing!

If you clean your teeth in a big hurry you are likely to scrub too hard. You will wear away the thin enamel at the neck of the tooth and push the gum away.

This will damage your beautiful smile by making your teeth look too long. It will also make your teeth sensitive.

Clean between your teeth

Clean between your teeth every day,preferably using interdental brushes. This removes the especially damaging types of bacteria that cause gum disease.

These bacteria have also been implicated in causing other health problems such as heart disease and strokes

Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.

It is essential to remove the food debris and plaque that accumulates on your teeth. This willprevent the bacteria from fermenting the sugars into acid and starting the process of tooth decay.

It is very helpful to use a fluoride containing toothpaste.

The fluoride will be absorbed into the surface of the ename. This helps to repair some of the daily damage that occurs with eating and drinking.

Avoid soft drinks

Soft drinks contain a huge ammount of sugar. Typically one can contains seven teaspoons of sugar.

The plaque bacteria that cause tooth decay love sugar. If you consume a lot of sugar you will have more of this type of bacteria in your plaque than someone with a low sugar diet. This means you are much more likely to develop cavities.

Soft drinks are also very acidic. When they swish around your mouth they start to dissolve the tooth enamel.

Drink tapwater!

Tapwater contains no sugar. It is pH neutral. it contains fluoride and … it is free!

Don’t Grind

If you can see that your teeth are starting to wear or are chipping it may mean that you grind in your sleep. This will cause your teeth to become shorter and unattractive.

Grinding can also cause jaw pain and headaches. We can’t stop you grinding although relaxation techniques may help.

However at Sara Couch and Associates we can make you a nightguard to protect your beautiful smile from damage.

Protect your beautiful smile come and see us at Sara Couch and Associates ,your Castle Hill Dentist.

Dental disease is often silent. You will not be aware of a problem until it is quite advanced and the damage is quite severe.

Regular check ups will detect early problems before too much harm is done.